Offer: Leather pants

Company Tycoon tepmorarily suspended / CT-Light as next generation | More on that in the News

    • Offer a single delivery of leather pants
    • Not to Münster or Dortmund.
    • Costs: € 4.50 (Berlin € 4.00) per piece at purchase of a full truck = 830 pieces = € 3,735.00 (Berlin: € 3,320.00) incl. shipping
    • Price for lower quantities on request
    • Currently 6 trucks available, orders are processed according to the order of receipt.
    • On request continuous delivery possible, if interested please contact via ingame-mail

    Orders and inquiries preferred ingame to Trystan Damranya (CEO of Damranya UG)

    Beste Grüße / Best regards

    Trystan Damranya (Community Manager)

    Support und Hilfe auf deutsch / Support and help in english

    Kein Support via PN, außer auf Aufforderung / No support via PN, except if I ask for it


    Geschäftsführer und Inhaber der Damranya UG und Damranya's Postenbörse UG (beide Sitz in Münster, Niederlassungen in Dortmund und Düsseldorf)

    Mit-Geschäftsführer der TaDa Productions UG (Sitz in Berlin, Niederlassung in Düsseldorf)