Quick Guide - Getting started

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    This topic aims to show you the first steps starting your very own company.

    To make things easier we also include screenshots for you to find certain things.

    Before all that of course you first have to successfully register for Comapny-Tycoon.

    anleitung-schritt1-gewerbeamt.pngTo get things started you first have to found your company. Therefore you go to the commercial office located on your Home screen. You may choose one of the following legal forms for your Business:

    • Einzelunternehmen (A company run by your selves)
    • UG (haftungsbeschränkt) (A company composed of several tycoons)
    • GmbH (Like LLC. a big Company with limited liabilities)

    Considering the initial costs for registration and the needed seed money it is recommended to start an "Einzelunternehem". While setting up your company details you have to choose an amount of seed money. This will be directly discounted from your tycoons bank account and will be available as your companies' funds.

    Name and description can be edited later but be aware that changing it will cost you so choose wisely.

    anleitung-schritt2-immobilienmarkt.pngNow that you run a company you need to start working. But doing so requires space which you conveniently can find at the Real estate market located on your home screen. Starting off you might not be that rich, so you will need to rent a plot. Plots can be found at that market for rent established by the Server or by other Companies.

    Keep in bind while browsing for your plot of favour that it is not too big and not too expensive since you have to turn some profit from it. The Server will charge the rent every 7 days! Ifyou can not pay the bills, the established contracts will be terminated.

    The payment intervals may differ for Plots built and set up for rent by other companies. Be aware, that Storage Rooms and Production/Shop Rooms MUST be in the same Building to function together*!

    *See the hints for more information on how to indicate that.

    anleitung-schritt4-firmenverwaltung.pnganleitung-schritt5-firma.pngLet's now take a closer look at company management. There you will find your newly established company where you can access your overview of the company, your plots and buildings and your finances. The Link to your companies finances also conveniently shows your current funds.

    anleitung-schritt6-firma-verwalten.pngFirst things first, let's have an even closer look on buildings and pots. For this introduction we got our selves a forestry plot for rent which we are now going to manage.

    Going to the companies Plot & Buildings overview we will find our new production an with it there are 4 options to choose from.

    In order from right to left we will find the productions menu, the storage menu, management and last settings.

    First of all we need to assign the storage space for this plot. Therefore we select the "storage" menu and will be immediately asked to enter the wished amount of storage space. 1m² of Storage will result in a storage volume of 10, so depending on the product that we are going to produce we need to set the right amount of space to coup with the produce. More space means more goods that can be stored, so you also want to have more of it, if you do not plan to be that active. For this introduction, having a plot-size of 500m² and trees that require 200 volume each we will decide on 200m² of storage space or an equivalent of 10 trees.

    With the initial setups finished we can now focus on production. We switch back to the Plot & Buildings overview and select "Production". Here you add a new production and since we have a forestry, planting and raising trees sounds just about Wright.

    Like before with the storage we can select a production space for those trees.

    #6 Trees need 15 hours real life time to grow and will yield 0.0042 Trees / m². Selecting the remaining 275m² that means we will get 1,155 Trees every 15 Hours. Alternating the production size therefore only changes the output amount, not the speed!

    We can also select the storage from which we want to take the needed production resources and where we want to store the produced goods.

    If we did assign the storage space like before we can now start production, edit and delete them if wanted.

    After setting up your first production you need to get some workers and assign them to this production. You can find more on that topic HERE

    Important! Only plots have their own storage! If you rent a Production Room, you need to also rent a Storage Room within the very same Building**.

    Hints & Tricks

    :?:What do all those letters and numbers in the addresses stand for?

    Address: R3-B1-#6-1-S1
    R3 - Room Number within that Building

    B1 - Number of the building

    #6 - Plot Number

    1 - City Code

    S1 - Storage Number (Storage only)

    :?:You need (more) storage space for your shop of production room?**

    If you decide to run a store or have a production room you need to rent a separate storage room with it!

    Most importantly these two rooms need to be within the very SAME building to work togethe.

    (B1, this number has to be identical in in both room addresses!)