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  • As you start your business in germany, you may only select german legal forms for your company. Those will not be translated.

    Just to explain:

    • "Einzelunternehmen" is a very small business which is not registered in the commercial register. It is just a permit to do business
    • "UG (haftungsbeschränkt)" is a small business which is registered in the commercial register.
      -> comparable to "Ltd." (Private Company Limited (PCL) by Shares)
    • "GmbH" is the larger version of the UG, needs more seed capital
      -> comparable to "Ltd." (Private Company Limited (PCL) by Shares)

    As - in future - one will be able to start his business in other countries too, there and then will be other legal forms available depending on your business location.


    • BV: dutch Besloten Vennootschap met beperkte aansprakelijkheid
    • BVBA: belgian Besloten Vennootschap met Beperkte Aansprakelijkheid
    • GmbH: german Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung
    • Ges.m.b.H: austrian Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung
    • Ltd: british and irish Private Company Limited by Shares
    • Sarl: french and luxembourgish Société à Responsabilité Limitée
    • Teo: irish Teoranta

    Those are all the same /comparable legal form(s) in different countries. So if you are based in Hamburg, you'll have a "GmbH", in London a "Ltd." and in Paris a "sarl", technically the same legal form but in different languages.

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    Trystan Damranya (Community Manager)

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