Alpha 0.1.0

Hello dear Tycoons,

We've just released the next huge update.

Amoungst other small things the update includes these features :

1. Tutorial

The Tutorial has been reviewed and extended. If you think, there is still something missing, please tell us.

2. Weather and seasons

We installed weather and seasons to prepare for changing demands of products by the population depending on weather and season. One season lasts 7 days at the moment. We will announce further infomations in the next days, before the weather and season related demand will be activated.

3. Personnel

You may now edit the contracts of multiple employees at the same time. Additionally, assigning personnel to a sale is now done in the same way as assigning to a production.

4. New types of buildings

There are two new buildings: Greenhouse and Fish farm.

At the moment you may produce the same products in a Greenhouse as at a farm. There will be further changes announced, that are related to the new weather feature soon.

In the Fish farm you will be able to produce fishes, we will bring this to live no later than monday.

5. Modifications to the surface

We have modified and simplified some menues.

Yours, the team of Company-Tycoon