Version 0.1.3

Bug fixes:

  • Production also shows required products in German
  • VIP: Plot utilization also displayed on the mobile
  • Change language possible
  • Cell phones with notch no longer have any problems
  • No strange display for transporter acceptance
  • Company Tycoon in the app is advertised again
  • Plot generation revised
  • Notifications on the cell phone come back to normal
  • Notifications work again (There was an error with some buildings

New function:

  • New overview in the app
  • Goods can be destroyed
  • Tutorial reward
  • Login as a guest in the app is possible
  • Support in the app is displayed
  • Population growth is changing
  • Demand calculation changed
  • Influence of market regulation changed (prevent monopolies)
  • New notification transporter sent
  • Transportation to another city twice as expensive
  • Travel immediately with gold bars