Version 0.1.5

Bug fixes:

  • Market regulation no longer pushes the price down too extreme
  • Transporters can no longer be accepted if you have too little money
  • Starting credit will be credited back to normal
  • Producers are not notified that their shelf is empty
  • Notifications are no longer displayed under the marketplace
  • Advertising no longer covers the notifications (APP)
  • Tutorial box is translated again
  • It is not possible to create a production that produces more than can fit in the warehouse
  • A warehouse conversion is no longer possible if too many products are stored
  • Destruction of half products is possible if they are divisible
  • More plots to choose from, including large and small ones
  • When you click on the monetary contribution you will be directed to the bank (APP)
  • No more advertising on VIP's (APP)
  • After clicking on Accept, the window now closes (APP)
  • App logs out correctly again (APP)
  • Marketplace filter works again
  • You can't buy anything in the market if you don't have enough money

New function:

  • VIP: Incoming vans are displayed in the overview
  • The aggregated value of the goods is displayed for vans
  • Notification shelf empty is given when the whole shop is empty
  • Purchase price is displayed
  • Production cycles can be set
  • New design on the mobile phone for productions
  • New design on the mobile phone for the warehouse
  • New design on the mobile phone for the sales area
  • unread chats are displayed on the phone
  • Benefits are displayed in the shop
  • Influence of market regulation changed (prevent monopolies, high prices no longer work)
  • Language is displayed next to users (profile)
  • Construction can be sped up with gold bars