Presentation company tycoon

Dear Tycoons,

as you've probably noticed, Industrial Tycoon has calmed down over the past weeks.

We now want to tell you the reason:

We present Company-Tycoon!


Company-Tycoon is an economic simulation, in whose core Industry Tycoon can be found again.

In addition to the abolition of producers & vendors there is now much more freedom and nuances.

Amongst other, you may now found multiple companies, hold shares of another company or just work as managing director. And a company may now have multiple managing directors.

A company may hold plots, buildings and rooms in different towns.

Plots, buildings an rooms may be rent and offered to rent.

The brand new contracting system offers various possibilities.

You have the choice whether you'd like to be forwarding agent, vendor, producer, investor or just managing director.

Your company - or even companies - may also be just real estate companies.

In addition to the functional changes, we also try to create a balanced revenue / expenditure curve and therefore narrower profit margins through a more realistic gameplay.

We also work on a fresh and mordern design that fits to all devices.

Without wanting to promise too much now, we must point out that the game is still in development.

However, we will start soon with a closed alpha, followed closely by a public alpha.

Who is behind Company-Tycoon?

Company Tycoon originated from the ideas of the IT-team.

We were thinking about how to improve IT.

We quickly realized that our suggestions for improvement can not be realized with the basic system of Industry Tycoon.

That's why the operator of Industry Tycoon, Dorado Games, and the development company dream-soft have joined and decided on developing Company Tycoon.

Dorado Games will continue as operator, development and support will be done by dream-soft.

Does Company Tycoon expect the same future as Industry Tycoon?


Through the cooperation between Dorado Games and, we can guarantee that several developers will work on this project on a regular basis.

We want to grow fast and move forward Company Tycoon together with the community.

What will happen to Industry-Tycoon?

Shortly after releasing Company Tycoon we will place more hints ingame to draw attention to the new game.

We assume many users will play Company Tycoon. So Industry Tycoon will - at anytime in future (we will announce an exact date) - no longer be supported. If operating the servers will get uneconomical, they will unfortunately be switched off.

How is the new team structured?

It will not be very different. The structure is as follows:

  • HeadManager

    • Steve
  • Manager
    • Goaliealexander (Gamecontrolling)
    • Trystan Damranya (Communitymanager)
    • FRiehs (Community)
  • Developer
    (Similar to Industry Tycoon not all developers will be active ingame / on the forums, but we want to integrate you more into the development)
    • Steve
    • Silvio
  • Administrators (language-dependent)
    • Goaliealexander (german)
    • Dr. Leipreachan (englisch)
  • Operators (language-dependent)
  • Moderators (language-dependent)
    • DE
      • Aracnafaria

To join the team you are welcome to apply to the appropriate administrators.

We'll keep you up-to-date!

Your IT / Company-Tycoon Team