Start of Alpha

Hello Tycoons,

after many hours of development, today we present Company Tycoon's Alpha version to you! We think the many hours have paid off as we already have a lot of features implemented, that have been requested elsewhere. This is possible through a modern programming code that makes even more features possible.

We would like to point out, this is the first public version. Despite intensive testing there may still be bugs, that have not been found yet either by the team, nor our numerous ClosedAlpha testers. At this point again a big thank you to the testers.

The first public version certainly does not mean, it's finished. We still have many open tasks concerning improvements and further features. But as the best ideas often come from the community we would like you to take part at an early part of developing, hoping for even more ideas how to bring Company Tycoon at its best.

You are welcome to tell us your suggestions in the forum. We have set up the appropriate areas for everything.

Your CT-Team